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October 24, 2012
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Youmacon 2012 Shoot Schedule

Wed Oct 24, 2012, 8:59 AM
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With Youmacon 2012 just over a week away, it's time to post my shoot schedule.

If you're interested in booking a shoot with me, PM me with the following information:

1) Day and time(s) you're interested in,
2) Who you're cosplaying as,
3) Contact info (cellphone/email),
3) Preferred meeting location,  
4) Shoot location suggestions/preferences (if any), and
5) Desired mood/atmosphere of the photos (if any).

11am - Booked
3pm - Booked
5pm - Booked
7pm - Booked

1pm - Booked
3pm - Booked
4pm - Booked
5pm - Booked

I'm still in the middle of editing Otakuthon and Fanexpo photos, so these will take precedence over Youmacon photos until they have all been completed. However, I WILL release previews from Youmacon in a timely manner.

Returning customers: I offer discounted rates to all my returning customers. PM me for details.

Individual - $40 per session, with each session lasting 30-45 minutes. You receive 7-9 retouched shots.
Two people - $60 per session, with each session lasting up to 1 hour. 5-7 retouched shots per person, and 2-3 retouched group shots
More than two people - $20 per additional cosplayer, 5 retouched shots per person, and 2-3 retouched group shots

What to bring to each shoot

1. Poses! -
I typically do a little research on each character/series I shoot ahead
of time, but no one knows that character better than you! The more
poses/ideas you bring to the shoot, the more I can work with, and the
greater the shots will be. Practice your poses in front of a mirror (or
with a friend), rather than just looking at reference photos/videos.

2. Props! -
Pretty obvious if your character has a weapon.  However, for characters
without weapons, a generic accessory that suits your character can also
add to the mood and help tell a story in each photo. Examples of
this include: umbrellas/parasols, books, teacup/saucer, mirror, 
baskets, hats, hairbrushes, stuffed animals, scarves/mittens, and so on.

3. Attitude!
- During the shoot, it helps to be in-character. It goes a long way in
making each shot believable, and maintaining a good flow throughout the

4. Friends/Buddies! - Whether it be for moral
support, pose coaching, or just someone to keep you company during the
shoot, feel free to bring a friend/buddy.

Any questions, please feel free to PM me.

restlessnocturne Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Boooo! I wish I was going to Youma now. :(
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